Singing with the Trach!


Followers, this young lady is so inspirational. Despite the fact that she was diagnosed with a very rare form of throat cancer, she continues trying to pursue her dream in music. I haven’t even watched her video yet (damn school filters to hell), and I am definitely not a big fan of 1D, but still, the concept itself is just beautiful nonetheless. Check it out, and check out her blog as well!

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So today i was playing around and figured out that with one of the caps i have for my trach i could sing!
hope you like it!

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Writer’s Block

Hey! Long time, no see! How has everyone been as of late? I hope you’ve all been fantastic. Oh, how have I been, you ask? I’ve been pretty damn good. Today is actually my seventeenth birthday! I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, playing guitar, doing schoolwork, and for the most part, I’ve been keeeping myself happy, sane, and smiling. However, there is one thing that I really haven’t been doing much: writing! Of course, I’ve been doing my Creative Writing assignments and whatnot, however I don’t believe I’ve written a song in over a month! Isn’t it treacherous? And on top of this, I haven’t had the opportunity to upload any YouTube videos as of late either, so my channel is temporarily dead. But soon, I shall upload some new videos, so fear not. I have created some new covers already… one of them being “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy. However, I shall fear no more of writer’s block with songwriting–I’d heard that the next assignment in Creative Writing is to be exactly that: writing a song! Let’s hope it helps pull me out of the dark pit I’ve come to known as “writer’s block”. Such a horrible disease, isn’t it? Another new aspect with my life is that I just might decide to be in my school’s talent show, most likely performing “Hurt” by Johnny Cash or “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. I need to begin developing stage confidence, and the talent show really is a perfect opportunity for such things. I will guarantee that I’ll probably cry if I receive positive feedback and cheers, haha! Nothing much else has been new in my musical life, so I really don’t know what else to write! Hope that everyone else has been swell lately!

Where has Abby been?

Sorry about my random hiatus, just in case any readers are wondering! I’ve been rather busy as of late, but soon enough, I will get back on track. Juggling school and 3-4 blogs… it gets tricky! At least I don’t have a social life, then I’d never be able to write. So yay for no lifing! I’ll see you all soon.


In the meantime, this link is looking for love:

I must confess…

The other day, I was listening to Taylor Swift’s live version of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” (which is a lovely song, by the way–I’m pretty sure that you can find it on Spotify). And upon hearing the screaming crowd, there were tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the beauty of it. I put myself in that position. One second I’m just a dreamer with a guitar in my messy bedroom, slaving away writing riffs down in my little music book and penning lyrics, and then suddenly, I’m performing my life’s work on stage, achieving my dream–and the audience is just screaming, crying, loving it. When I get to that place in my life, when I hear the sound of a huge crowd screaming for me… I really don’t think I will stop myself from crying. Happy tears, of course. I listen to the sound of a screaming crowd, and I simply think to myself: “That is where I belong.”

A love song for Valentine’s Day.

In honor of the holiday of love, I will post the lyrics to one of my recent love songs. Enjoy, and remember, this is my intellectual property.

“Spontaneous Tomorrow”


Patience holds the best rewards, that’s what he lives by

Tells me that I think too much with worries to the sky

Wraps me up in arms made of quotes and hopeful words

Fall too fast, wish too much, love until it hurts


Yesterday we met, today we’re best friends

Tomorrow is uncertain, pray it’s not the end

Pray it’s not the end


Irrefutable aberration, time to drown in thoughts

Tells me to keep my mind open even when I’m distraught

Maybe I should start learning how to live without

If nothing stays forever, I’d better start preparing now


Yesterday we met, today we’re best friends

Tomorrow is uncertain, pray it’s not the end

We’ll never know what lies between today and tomorrow

Life is more spontaneous than anything I know


I hate to miss him, hate to need him, hate to sink in desolation

I hate to love him, can’t forget him, hate to sit here and be patient

But patience holds the best rewards, at least that’s what he tells me

Scattered thoughts will get me nowhere, at least that’s what he tells me


Yesterday we met, today we’re best friends

Tomorrow is uncertain, pray it’s not the end

We’ll never know what lies between today and tomorrow

Life is more spontaneous than anything I know

“Too Fast”

Simply, a song that I wrote while observing the behavior of my friends. Enjoy.

“Too Fast”

Heaven’s only three feet above the ground

Jumping in piles of leaves and spinning around

Tucked into bed with a kiss good night

Sleep tight, don’t let reality into your life


Remember running on the playground in the wind?

Remember the innocence, the absence of sin?

Remember believing in everything under the stars?

Remember thinking that wishes might get you far?

Or have you forgotten?



Hey, wait wait, you’re moving too fast

Childhood shouldn’t be a thing of the past

Hey, wait up, you’re leaving me behind

Or maybe it’s just me that’s stuck in a bind

Hey, wait wait, you’re growing up too fast

Only young once, why not make it last?

Hey, wait up, we’re not on the same page

You’re not here for me when you keep running away


We grew minds of our own with open eyes

Seeing the world tainted with awful strife

Decisions, decisions, need to make up our minds

Fare well in conformity or one of a kind?

Remember the petty disputes over nothing at all?

Remember the confinement of middle school walls?

Remember getting caught between staying young and growing up?

Remember the strict comparisons, feeling down on your luck?




Remember losing it all in the blink of an eye?

Remember trying to be grown up when you’re young inside?

Remember your painted faces, cleverly disguised?

Someday you’ll look back and ask yourselves why




The world is a playground, why not run in the wind?

We can still be innocent, why do we have to sin?

We’re only young once, why not cherish it now?

Stop growing up so fast, or have you forgotten how?

Fork In The Road

But that's not what this post is about.

But that’s not what this post is about.

You want to know what’s awkward? When you’re sitting in class, listening to a woman from McCann talk about choosing the right college and career for you, when suddenly you realize that all of the careers that are quickly growing and have high salaries are completely boring and drab and not made for you at all.

I felt like she was the type of person who encouraged students to follow their dreams, but she seemed too practical when it came to careers. Like when she asked us what we were going to college for, she wanted to hear “nursing” or “accounting” or “physical therapy”. I’m pretty sure she did not want to hear something about wanting to be a professional singer/musician.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I want to double-major in Music Performance and something else, something that is a backup plan for if my music career never works out correctly. I have a few ideas about what I want that to be. Firstly, there is the option of majoring in English Education to teach high school students (or maybe Astronomy, it’s such an amazing subject). I feel like being a teacher would be an awesome experience, because teachers have such an impact on students’ lives. But then there’s the option of studying to become a detective, which is an idea that stems from my love of detective films and movies. (Silence of the Lambs, anyone?) Solving mysteries is something I am quite fond of, to be honest. And then there’s the recent idea that came to me through my YES class, which was the profession of a “substance abuse specialist”, which is someone who helps people with their addiction.

Oh, and then there’s the concept of choosing a college. I’ve been considering Mansfield University as my main choice. It’s located in a rural area and is smaller, which is a plus. It has every major that I’d be interested in, too. But ultimately, I’d have to visit the college to make sure I want to live there for four years. And I need to take a few other universities into consideration too, just to expose myself to every option possible. And OH YEAH, there’s the concept of paying for college, too. Loans, scholarships, maybe even joining the armed forces? But let’s not get into that right now. What I’m trying to say here is that now is the time in my life when I come to a fork in the road, and I need to start making decisions, and hope for the best along the way.

My most recent cover on YouTube, a cover of Christina Perri’s lovely song “mine”. I wrote the string progression myself, instead of just strumming chords the whole time. Please enjoy, and subscribers and feedback are two beautiful things.

Amplifying the love of music.

I guess that you can call me a jack of all trades. Or maybe the female equivalent, because “jack” sounds a bit masculine. But aside from musical abilities, I do a lot of other artistic things, such as drawing, writing, and of course, photography. And here I’ve decided share with you some photography that correlates with the subject of this blog, which is my musical pipe dreams. So here goes with the first one, enjoy.

Amplifying the love of music.

Amplifying the love of music.